Each of our Consultants have at least 15 years experience working with children and families.  Further, they are certified at the highest level of Applied Behavior Analysis.  ABA is a growing field in psychology that is evidence-based in improving acquisition skills and reducing challenging behaviors for all individuals. 


Not only is Jen an expert at helping little learners grow in their language, but she is our resident problem solver.  When standard "approaches" have been tried to no avail, Jen is able to formulate unique strategies to promote success.

Jen C. Bonow, PhD., BCBA-D, LBA
Partner, Chief Executive Officer
Kerri Milyko, PhD., BCBA-D, LBA
Partner, Director of R&D

Kerri is our resident academic expert.  She knows how to get the young kids motivated to learn and to become little students ready to learn in the classroom.  Also, she can design individualized curriculum to meet such needs.

Jeff Gesick, MS, BCBA, LBA
Partner, Clinical Director

Jeff has an uncanny way of communicating with parents.  His "plain English" approach combined with his patience and understanding with parents makes him our resident parent trainer.  

Megan Szeto, MA, BCBA, LBA
Partner, Senior Consultant

Megan has developed a diverse professional repertoire with various ABA agencies servicing kids with and without special needs.  She is our resident expert on child development and natural teaching strategies to foster happy learners!

Kelly Gesick
Partner, Chief Marketing Officer
Ethan Milyko
Partner, Behavior Technician


Erin Brooks, MA, BCBA, LBA


Ariel Bray
Behavior Technician
Madison Dirickson
Behavior Technician
Keelee Fisher
Behavior Technician
Megan Han
Behavior Technician
Vanessa Koepsell
Behavior Technician
Shaylen Lehman
Behavior Technician
Kris Martin
Behavior Technician
Taylor McKinney
Behavior Technician