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Your Learning Team

The LC utilizes a tiered intervention service model offering layers of clinical support and oversight to ensure your child and family receive the highest quality services and benefit from the breadth of experience offered by our full clinical staff. Your care team will consist of a consultant and 1-3 behavior technicians depending upon the specific needs outlined in your child's treatment plan. Our clinical director provides clinical oversight for all learner programs.

Consultants: Appling science and creativity to guide your child toward successful outcomes

The LC's consultants hold at least a master's degree in behavior analysis (or a related field) and are licensed behavior analysts (LBAs) in the state of Nevada. Consultants are responsible for assessing your child's skills and your family's needs and, through collaboration with you and your family, developing a treatment plan that will help your child meet their goals quickly and effectively. Consultants provide case direction to behavior technicians who implement the treatment plan and ensure your child's intervention is delivered with fidelity. 

Behavior Technicians: Experts at creating fun so your child is eager to learn

Clinical Director: Experienced leadership supporting high-quality care

The clinical director has a at least a master's degree in behavior analysis, is licensed as a behavior analyst, and has at least 10 years experience working with children and families. The CD leads the clinical team and is responsible for ensuring all learners receive high-quality care. The CD monitors individual learner outcomes as well the overall clinical outcomes produced by The LC. The CD keeps us up-to-date on changes in the field helping to ensure we are always implementing the most effective practices.

Clinical Assistants and Interns: Building the future 

Our mission is to foster learning and development; not just for our learners, but for our entire team. We have created the LC as a place where students of behavior analysis can learn important skills and gain the supervised experience necessary to establish or grow careers supporting children and families. It is likely that your and your child will work with our interns and assistants as some point during the course of intervention. All of our providers, regardless of title, are appropriately licensed or registered with the state Board of Applied Behavior Analysis and receive rigorous internal training and close supervision. As they grow in their profession we are helping to reduce the significant shortage of ABA providers in our state.

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