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The Learning Consultants

The Learning Consultants




The Learning Consultants is a locally and women-owned business providing applied behavior analysis services in our bright and happy clinics in Sparks and South Reno, Nevada. We are committed to improving our clients’ quality of life by maximizing the extent to which our neurodiverse learners participate in society with enjoyment.


We deliver high-quality behavior analytic services, producing generative learners who engage in meaningful relationships with their families and communities. We apply evidence-based practices, use precision measurement, and build on clients’ strengths, all while having fun.


As behavior scientists, we aim to:

  • make advances in behavioral service quality

  • help children and families

  • foster learning and development

  • support innovation

  • disseminate our practices


The Learning Consultants promotes a respectful and ethical culture through collaborative and nurturing relationships with a proactive, assent-based, and compassionate approach to our work.

"When passion to deliver quality services is combined with the best available tools and a focus on client dignity meaningful outcomes are achieved for the learner and their family."



Consists of highly skilled licensed behavior analysts and behavior technicians who are committed to continual learning and growth for our learners and each other all while having fun.




● Treat others with dignity, grace, kindness, and fairness
● Assume the best in others
● Proceed from a place of understanding and empathy
● Show respect for people’s unique backgrounds, preferences, wishes, and needs
● Honor clients’ autonomy; promote their independence


● Make decisions based on all available evidence
● Collect and evaluate data when no evidence exists
● Research and put into practice the latest, most effective tactics & tools available


● Strive for excellence
● Make steady, measureable,
continuous improvement across all levels of the organization
● Innovate; search for a better solution
● Take intelligent risks; push the boundaries


● Stand behind your decisions
● Accept responsibility for your
● Make contributions that lead
to organizational results
● Commit to your learners,
coworkers & workplace - if something needs done, do it!


● Create a positive, team-based culture within and beyond the organization
● Help one another; lift others up; be supportive
● Work collaboratively to improve our community
● Think systemically - consider what is equitable and inclusive


● Find enjoyment in activities
● Celebrate accomplishments
● Smile, joke, dance, partake in good-natured banter
● Wonder; indulge your curiosity
● Help create a workplace where employees enjoy working and learners love learning


● Act in good faith with all decisions
● Be proactive
● Engage in high say-do correspondence
● Be honest; proceed with transparency

Our Values
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