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Family Picnic


Family Empowerment

Families are our primary source of joy and support. However, they can also be messy, chaotic, and loud. Many parents find themselves struggling with managing the behavior of one or more of their children which in turn leads the parents to question their own effectiveness and increase stress across the family. We know that parents are largely doing the best they can, they love their children, and they want what’s best for them. We also know that the dynamics between behavior, interaction patterns, and the household environment can accidentally create conditions that lead to conflict and challenging behavior. Our family-empowerment service guides you as the parents (and household executives) through a collaborative and values-based process to build a family plan customized to your needs and your family. Your family plan will help you set reasonable expectations for all members of the family and implement support systems that support the behavior you want from all family members while significantly reducing the amount of time you spend arguing or pleading. Families who complete the family-empowerment program receive weekly 1:1 coaching and collaboration sessions with one of our highly-trained Board Certified and Licensed Consultants. They will coach you through building and implementing your family plan as well as the follow up to ensure it is successful and sustainable for your family. 

ABA Services Your Way

Applied Behavior Analytic interventions services (ABA) are currently recognized as the only effective, medically-necessary, intervention for a diagnosis of Autism. Traditionally, this has taken the form of a child receiving 30-40 hours per week of one-on-one intensive intervention services for 2 or more years. This model can produce amazing outcomes and is necessary for many children who have significant skills delays across communication, social skills, self-regulation, and coping skills. However, there are many children who do not have an Autism diagnosis, but who would still greatly benefit from ABA services. Additionally, many children do not require intensive services to be successful and meet their goals. They need focused and effective intervention that can often be delivered in 15 or fewer hours per week. Advances in the practice of ABA and technology have created opportunities to provide much needed services using more flexible and family-friendly models. Our teleconsultation service allows parents and caregivers to implement ABA services for their child on their schedule while receiving frequent and ongoing consultation from one of our highly-trained board certified and licensed consultants. Contact our inquiry team to learn whether our teleconsultation service is right for your child and family. 

Underwear Here I Come

Toilet training can strike fear into the heart of many a parent. It can be a source of anxiety, frustration, and exasperation for many families, especially if they encounter challenges along the way. But now, The Learning Consultants can help you toilet train your child using well-established practices from the science of learning and behavior. We help families get through the hard part of toilet training, usually in less than three days! We also provide your family with a plan to increase your child’s independence over time and what to do if regression occurs. Contact our inquiry team to learn more. We also provide a free toileting-readiness consultation. Let The LC make toilet training easy for your child and you!

Excellent Eaters

Every child gets picky about what they eat sometimes, and we are all picky about some foods, all of the time. However, some kids seem to be picky about all their foods all the time! This can add unneeded stress to your child and your family. We use evidence-based methods from the science of behavior and learning to help your child become a more flexible, and curious eater. We will work with you to gradually increase the range of foods your child eats as well as their willingness to try new foods, and we do this without making anyone sit at the table forever. Mealtimes are a time for relaxation and connection. Help your child enjoy flexible eating and take back your table.

Happy Twins


Our child & family services are available on a consultative basis.  Please contact us today to learn more and discuss how our services may benefit your family.

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