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Our Story

Sage Collective, Inc was established in 2017. Drs. Jen Castellanos-Bonow and Kerri Milyko, along with Jeff Gesick and Megan Szeto, had spent years serving children diagnosed with autism or other behavioral challenges (and their families) for various organizations around the country. When they all found themselves back in Reno/Sparks they joined together, along with Kerri’s husband, Ethan, and Jeff’s wife, Kelly, with a mission to build a more nurturing community by applying the science of behavior to problems facing families and children in Northern Nevada. In the early days of building their consulting business, Dr. Kerri presented the group with a problem - she had clients and RBTs who were at risk of losing their services and employment due to changes in a state program. Never one to forgo a challenge, she encouraged the group to pivot to providing ABA services for these children. Given the significant need in Nevada for ABA providers and the extensive experience of the founders, it seemed like the perfect path forward. Thus, The Learning Consultants was born. 

We remain dedicated to growing nurturing communities and are proud to be applying our training and experience, right here in Reno/Sparks where it all started.

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