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The Learning Consultants

The Learning Consultants


The Learning Consultants employs teaching methods developed from the science and practice of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This means that we apply the principles of learning science to change behaviors that are socially significant. Our programs are individualized to your child based on the skills they need to learn for their age and developmental level, and the challenging behaviors that may inhibit their participation in their everyday environment. 

A major component of behavioral intervention is the analysis of clinical data in order to make decisions about the specific features of the intervention. We firmly believe, and our data show, that frequent, accurate measurement using the best display tools contributes to accelerated progress for our learners. Therefore, our team utilizes the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) to graph most of our data. This allows us to provide a high level of precision when monitoring your child’s progress and making clinical decisions.  This approach is called Precision Teaching (we like to call it “precision measurement”). It is the foundation of what we do at The LC, and what sets us apart from other behavioral services providers. 


Our services are focused on helping your child develop meaningful relationships and to participate fully in your family and community.



We are group of humans that believe the science of behavior can change the world–for good. Join us as we build an inclusive company and culture with a foundation in compassion, integrity, accountability, precision, progress, community and fun.

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