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Each of our Consultants have at least 15 years experience working with children and families.  Further, they are certified at the highest level of Applied Behavior Analysis.  ABA is a growing field in psychology that is evidence-based in improving acquisition skills and reducing challenging behaviors for all individuals. 


We provide assent-based ABA (applied behavior analysis) services to children to improve a variety of skills such as participating in the community, social skills, and language acquisition.
  • ABA Services for children with an autism diagnosis
  • ABA Services for children with behavior challenges
  • ABA Services for children with social skills needs
  • ABA Services for children with language development needs

"Quality ABA services insure that the learners dignity and autonomy are always valued and respected by employing assent-based procedures."

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Informational Call

We would love to discuss our services and whether or not the Learning Consultants is the right fit for your child and family. Click below to schedule an informational call, or complete our contact form and a member of our enrollment team will reach out to you.

Our Learning

We have developed programs designed to meet different and specific behavioral needs.  Our care team monitors and adapts each program to the individual learners progress and family goals through precision teaching and data analysis.



We are group of humans that believe the science of behavior can change the world–for good. Join us as we build an inclusive company and culture with a foundation in compassion, integrity, accountability, precision, progress, community and fun.

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