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Ready, Set, Grow!

The Ready, Set, Grow program is designed for early learners who are preschool age and preparing to enter school. This program is characterized by intensive, comprehensive intervention to teach new skills while addressing behavioral excesses. Skills are taught in the areas of basic communication, self-regulation and tolerance, social and play skills, and functional living skills.

Friend Focused

The Friend Focused program is designed for school-age learners who are ready to make friends! The program builds skills in the areas of social awareness, social interaction, social relatedness, social communication, and social learning. The program focuses on helping learners find shared interests with peers and enjoy spending time playing and engaging with others.

Increasing Independence

The Increasing Independence program is for learners who are struggling to participate effectively in their classrooms and homes due to challenges with communication and self-help skills. This is a focused service that emphasizes maximizing social interest, expanding the learner’s independence across critical adaptive living skills, establishing a wide range of age and socially-relevant leisure interests, and ensuring the ability to communicate wants, needs, protests, and assertiveness.  Routine-based interventions and significant collaboration with caregivers characterizes this service line.

Phsychologically Flexible

The Psychologically Flexible program is for learners who are struggling to participate effectively across home, school, and community settings due to challenges with self-regulation, tolerance, and psychological flexibility skills. The program builds on each of these skill areas while also teaching socially-successful alternatives to dangerous behavior. The program helps learners feel secure and confident when situations change as well as curious and resilient to the world around them. 

Next Steps

All learners eventually participate in the Next Steps program when  it is time to move onto greater things. The program focuses on successfully and consistently using skills mastered at The LC in the home and community. The program also supports caregivers adjusting their positive behavior support toolkit to serve them without LC supports going forward. The program may include assisting with transitioning to additional services or simply transitioning to a daily routine that does not include ABA intervention. 

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