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The LEARNING CONSULTANTS is a collection of experts in behavior, language, and parenting who together have more than 50 years experience in the field.  Not only are we a collection of the area's top behavior analysts, but we are parents and connect with families on the push and pull of raising children to be successful adults.  We want to help guide you through the uncertain waters of parenting by giving you and your child tools to be successful and independent.  Among our consultants are potty-training experts, language development and social play experts, parent training experts, and early academic experts.  We can help with a wide assortment of issues pertaining to your child.  We have extensive experience working with children who are typically functioning as well as those with learning, developmental, and academic delays.  

The Learning Consultants is a locally women-owned and women-led business. We provide applied behavior analysis services in our bright and happy clinics in Sparks, and South Reno, NV. Our ABA services are available for any child or adolescent experiencing behavioral challenges or learning delays, including individuals diagnosed with autism. 


Please give us a call or fill out our contact form for a free initial consultation to see if we could help you!

Contact us for ABA Services in Sparks


Fill out the form below and a member of our enrollment team will reach to schedule an informational call. Be sure you state the nature of your contact in the message.

Thank you for reaching out! Scheduling a call does not guarantee enrollment in the LC's services. The LC does not maintain a waiting list. Enrollment is determined based on a number of factors including whether your family's goals and the LC programs are a good fit, whether your child's specific needs match with the expertise of our available licensed staff, and schedule availability. In the event that we are not a good fit for your family's needs, or we do not have immediate openings, we strongly encourage you to continue to seek services until you find a quality provider with availability.

"We are a group of humans that believe the science of behavior can change the world–for good. We are building an inclusive company with a foundation in compassion, integrity, accountability, precision, progress, community and fun."



Consists of highly skilled licensed behavior analysts and behavior technicians who are committed to continual learning and growth for our learners and each other all while having fun.

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