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Ready, Set, Grow!

The Ready, Set, Grow program is designed for early learners who are preschool age and preparing to enter school. This program is characterized by intensive, comprehensive intervention to teach new skills while addressing behavioral excesses. Skills are taught in the areas of basic communication, self-regulation and tolerance, social and play skills, and functional living skills.

"We are a group of humans that believe the science of behavior can change the world–for good. We are building an inclusive company with a foundation in compassion, integrity, accountability, precision, progress, community and fun."


Fill out the form below to express your interest in our Ready, Set, Grow program and a member of our enrollment team will reach out to schedule an informational call. 

Thank you for reaching out! Scheduling a call does not guarantee enrollment in the LC's services. The LC does not maintain a waiting list. Enrollment is determined based on a number of factors including whether your family's goals and the LC programs are a good fit, whether your child's specific needs match with the expertise of our available licensed staff, and schedule availability. In the event that we are not a good fit for your family's needs, or we do not have immediate openings, we strongly encourage you to continue to seek services until you find a quality provider with availability.

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