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We, the Senior Consultants at TLC, welcome you to our blog! Here, you will find tips on parenting and educating your little ones. These tips are based upon scientific research in education, developmental and behavioral psychology as well as supported by many years of experience in the field working with families. These tips can be short and sweet or relatable stories. Remember, we not only professionals but parents as well. We empathize what you are experiencing when raising your children to be successful adults. We'll document our journey, describe evidence-based strategies, and hope you share your experiences in the comments! It takes a village and we are right here with you.

In Solidarity,

Kerri, Meg, Jen, & Jeff


Disclaimer: The nature of the The Learning Consultants blog is for informational purposes only to highlight evidence-based strategies that have been proven to be effective with a limited population in an limited environment. These strategies may not be applicable to all individuals in all settings. Individualism based upon biological, historical and environmental factors must be considered before implementation. Therefore, please consult with an educational, developmental, or behavioral professional before taking action. Untrained individuals using these strategies do so at their own risk.

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